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In order to “walk together” and listen to the Holy Spirit we need to pray. There can be no synodal process without personal and community prayer. Prayer prepares our hearts to listen carefully to others and helps us to discern the action of the Holy Spirit throughout the world.

This website, together with the App Click To Pray, aims to accompany the synodal way for prayer. This way will constructed step by step, first of all with the help of monastic communities, then with the support of religious and consecrated life institutions, ecclesial movements and Sanctuaries, parishes, etc., i.e. all the People of God.

In the first phase (October 2021), in his letter to those brothers and sisters called to a monastic and contemplative life, Cardinal Mario Grech invited them “to become instruments in the hands of the Spirit in order to guide the universal ecclesial community and pray for the synodal Church”. Now we are all invited to publish prayers for the synodal process.

The prayer proposals can be integrated very easily into other related websites such as those of Bishops’ Conferences, diocesan centres, consecrated life institutions, ecclesial services and movements and parishes with a special widget (Flux RSS).

Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network and International Union of Superiors General (UISG)


To publish your prayer : a text (1000 characters maximum) and an image (squared).

Contact for posting on the Synod prayer website: english@prayforthesynod.va

Letter of Cardinal Grech to the brothers and sisters called to monastic and contemplative life

“I once again address you, just days before the official opening of the synodal process, since, as men and women of prayer, you know from experience that there can be no synodal way without mutual listening, without attention to the Holy Spirit or without prayer.

You, with your precious presence in the Church, teach us that prayer opens the heart and the ear to listening, makes us more attentive to the action of the Holy Spirit and renders us more thoughtful towards the needs of others and the world.

There can be no discernment without individual prayer and prayer with other brothers and sisters. Synodality requires both personal and community conversion which originates in and is sustained by prayer. Our prayer, which springs from silence and contemplation, can be of immense help to the entire Church.

For this reason we have decided to initiate an experience of world prayer to accompany the entire synodal process, entitled “CHURCH ON THE WAY. Pray for a synodal Church”. We have asked the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, with the support of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), to create a prayer website for the Synod, where different Church charisms can publish, periodically, prayer proposals offered to all for a truly synodal Church.

It is my great pleasure that it will be you, brothers and sisters called to a monastic and contemplative life, who will begin to weave this invisible thread of prayer (…) We would be delighted if this could be a prayer which evolves from your own community.

We have decided to begin with prayer, because this fundamental experience in your daily lives is not evident to everyone in the world today. Prayer can be considered a waste of time if we think of all the urgencies, suffering and needs which exist in the world. We know that prayer is the breath of the soul and the heart, and where the Lord speaks to us. As Pope Francis has said: “The heart of the Church’s mission is prayer”.

With this invitation, we ask you to become instruments in the hands of the Spirit in order to guide the universal ecclesial community and pray for the synodal Church. I would like to thank you for supporting us in this way and urge you to make this invitation yours in the specificity of your calling and vocation”.

Card. Mario Grech