Help us to be prophets of Truth

O Queen of Heaven, open thy Heavenly treasure of graces and nourish our souls.
O Queen of Earth, may God’s kingdom reign and his power be on humanity.
O Queen of Peace, may Heavenly peace dwell in our hearts.
O Queen of Mercy, may thy Heavenly Mercy dwell in our hearts.
O Queen of Prophets, help us to be prophets of Truth.
O Queen of Apostles, help us to have a apostolic zeal in evangelization.
O Queen of Families, help all families to be a dwelling place of the Lord.
O Queen of Martyrs,  help us to be martyrs of justice.
O Queen of Rosary, may the roses of supplications blossom in your divine presence. Amen
Sr. Priya Moras 
Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate
Mangalore, India 
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